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ESDN Quarterly Reports

The ESDN Quarterly Reports provide in-depth documentation of a selected topic on a quarterly basis. The current ESDN Quarterly Report is displayed below. For previous ESDN Quarterly Reports click here.

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ESDN Quarterly Report July 2015

The European context for monitoring and reviewing SDGs

How EU Member States and the European level are approaching the Post-2015 Agenda

by Umberto Pisano, Lisa Lange, Katrin Lepuschitz and Gerald Berger

In continuation of the work undertaken by the ESDN Office in the past several months on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the Post-2015 Agenda, this ESDN Quarterly Report aims at integrating and expanding the debates with a particular focus on the processes of monitoring and reviewing SDGs that will be taking place in Europe and in EU Member States. It collects ideas and discussions held in the events organised by the ESDN on the theme ‘Sustainable Development Goals and the Post-2015 Agenda’. More precisely, the report refers to the 2014 ESDN Conference held in Rome in November 2014, and to the recent 12th ESDN Workshop on 16June 2015, for which we offer a summary of its discussions and debates.

The report is structured as follows: In chapter one, the current status of the SDGs and the Post-2015 Agenda is presented with the inclusion of an overview of the zero draft published by the UN on 2 June 2015. The second chapter reflects on the European situation and presents an overview of strategy frameworks, the European approach towards the Post-2015 Agenda, and the role of monitoring/reviewing in Europe. The thridhapter  presents the experiences with EU and national SD monitoring and review processes, and includes the key messages from two ESDN case studies. The fourth chapter offers an overview of the main discussions and results  of the 12th ESDN Workshop. Lastly, the fifth chapter concludes by reflecting on the Post-2015 Agenda, the SDGs, and the potential role of the ESDN in this context.

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