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The ESDN Office

In early 2006, the ESDN Steering Group contracted the WU Institute for Managing Sustainability (WIMAS) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration to run the ESDN Office for an initial period of two years.

The mission of the ESDN Office is to help improve national SD strategy processes in Europe and to assist in the delivery of the renewed EU Sustainable Development Strategy (EU SDS) by facilitating a continuous exchange of experiences between the relevant national key actors. Current key functions of the ESDN Office are

  • to maintain a website that serves the ESDN and the public as an up-to-date “one-stop-shop” on SD strategies and related activities throughout Europe,
  • to support the ESDN members individually in finding information on SD strategies;
  • to help the ESDN and the Steering Group in finding and articulating common interests, and
  • to support the formulation of common “products” or “services” of the ESDN.

The activities of the ESDN Office are overseen by the Steering Group.

The ESDN Office Team from the WU Institute for Managing Sustainability consists of the following experts:

André Martinuzzi

André Martinuzzi (Dr.) coordinates the ESDN Office. He is Associate Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and director of WIMAS. He specialises in sustainable development policy, environmental management, evaluation and monitoring as well as knowledge brokerage. He coordinated projects in FP5 and FP6 and was coordinator and work package leader in several FP7 projects (CORPUS, IMPACT, RESPONDER, DYNAMIX, GLOBAL VALUE, COMPASS). On behalf of DG Research and Eurostat he designed and implemented internet-based monitoring and information systems.

Gerald Berger (Mag., MSc) is operating officer of the ESDN Office. He holds an MA in political science from Salzburg University and an MSc in sustainable development policy and planning from Cardiff University, Wales, UK. His main research interests are sustainable development policy and governance, environmental policy, and raw materials policy. He has 15 years of experience in European research projects and has, since many years, designed, facilitated and organised international workshops and conferences for policy-makers and researchers alike.

Sara Gottenhuber, MSc., received her MSc. in Sustainable Development and BSc. in Political Science from Uppsala University (SE). Her main research interests are natural resource management and governance for sustainable development. She has experience from working both within academia and the non-governmental sector.

Markus Hametner (Mag.) studied ecology and environmental management at the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. His areas of expertise include indicators for monitoring sustainable development and well-being as well as evaluating the impacts of research programmes. Since 2007 Markus is supporting Eurostat in monitoring sustainable development in the EU, through the bi-annual EU SDS Monitoring Reports. He has more than 10 years experience in managing European research projects and also has long-term experience in web-design and database programming.

Eric Mulholland, MSc., received his MSc. in Sustainable Development, Management, and Policy at the MODUL University Vienna in 2015. His area of expertise lays within governance and governance for sustainable development with a particular focus on ‘smart cities’.


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